Ethernet Shield

This circuit allows Arduino compatible boards to connect to Ethernet networks witch will allow it to be connected to the Internet , it's based on the ENC28J60 chip and with the available libraries it's very easy to build a small web server to control and monitor your application over the Internet .

Main features:

- standard RJ-45 connector, with an integrated line transformer.

- Three LED indicators for power , link status and data packets transmission.

- Reset switch for both the ENC82J60 chip and the Arduino board.

- Power selection jumper for internal 5V power or external power (from the Arduino main board) .



Circuit description:

1-ENC28J60 chip.

2-RJ-45 connector.

3-interrupt jumper

4-Data Rx/Tx LED.

5-Link status LED.

6-Power LED.

7-Power selection jumper.

8-Reset switch.

Note : this circuit doesn't support power over Ethernet standard PoE .