A complete development board compatible with Arduino tools based on ATmega8a AVR microcontroller , and ready for your projects .

I2C LCD Shield

An easy to use user interface board with 2x16 alphanumeric LCD , programmable buttons , and Arduino IDE compatible library .

Ethernet Shield

ENC28J60 based Arduino compatible ethernet connectivity shield .

Motor Shield

DC motor driver board , it can drive on sterpper motor or two DC motors with 2A maximum current for each output .

Relay Board

4 relay based power outputs circuits for AC and DC loads .

Sensor Shield

An easy way to connect input and output modules to the correct pins of your Arduino compatible circuit .

Prototype Shield

An Arduino compatible shield for custom built circuits .

Bluetooth Shield

An Arduino compatible Buetooth shield based on HC-05 module .

Mico SD Shield

An Arduino compatible shield for Micro SD Cards interfacing .